tiny houses for sale in nh

We have 2 tiny houses for sale currently:

1. Priced to go! The 8x20 that featured commercial components at the American Institute of Architects in NYC last June. It's 97% complete and highly discounted. Think of this building as a Weelshell++. Watch the video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kDxycuocogY&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3mJWcM-vFosbI5PwiYb_OT2-QON20ayxaSfgpIxUdquxFAOU-nL1MYftA

$35,000. Any completion work contingency would be post-purchase agreement and deposits. We recommend you tackle the small items yourself and save money, except for life safety installation work such as propane system or refinements on electrics where we suggest that you hire licensed tradespeople. Additional info below. Use contact form to inquire. Thank you.

ouside work spce building at aia expo video screenhotThe shed roof style building has 2 doors. It is built for yearround living in our New England climate except for 1 of the doors is a full-glass 3-season door on the short end. It is not a winterized door, but the advantage is that this is a door that could open to a 3-season room or other. Or it could also be filled in with a wall entirely. Tiny houses on wheels typically have only 1 door. The outside is clad in a "printed" aluminum siding per the client who used it for the architectural show in NYC (we normally install wood only). It needs lights over exteriors of doors (wired).

It has a 30 amp service connection (campsite connection style).


Commercial grade stainless steel railings in loft and commercial grade shower too. Kitchen has a normal, not tiny, sink.


We suggest adding a propane fuel system you adding a heater, stovetop, and connecting the existing new hot water on demand. It is plumbed for water in shower and kitchen sink. Toilet is just for show (not installed). There is a new under-counter-sized fridge is in the kitchenette that we can leave for buyer. There's a wall covering missing in the bathroom when the electric was accessed recently.


There is a approx. 6' long "desk" that was used for the NY show. It is NOT intended to stay (and is being donated to a Tiny House Volunteer). Rather that is the place for a nice cushy couch or real desk for you probably.


Again, the price is "as is". This size building would normally be $50-55k complete. The trailer alone costs approx. 5k. Though the project manage says she'd would personally live in this space we convey the responsibility to the buyer for the building since it was for a show and not everything was complete to the standard that it would be were it for a house, as described above.


Note: in its previous woodsy location The NEW exterior wood trim corner boards were attacked by overzealous woodpecker in past 2 months. Beautiful but naughty bird. There are no bugs so we think it attracted him because of the flat black paint. If anyone has any ideas how this happens, clue us in! We'll fix it and the repairs will be reflected in the price if you can not fix it yourself.


2. Pictured below is a 8x18 that features live cut trim inside (all wood interior with 2-person loft) and a wood stove! The price is 38,500. We might negotiate but the sale must occur in October for any discount to be applied, before the weather changes to snow. It's in NH and over-height so moving it might require a permit. It's approx 13'10" high instead of the prescribed 13'6" required for no specail permits. 

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