Why A Tiny House is Better Than A Standard RV

For people who have be enlightened to the charms of a tiny house; having viewed photos or videos, visited or lived in one, the question that is posed by the uninitiated is something like, "Why wouldn't someone just buy a regular RV?". The question is usually delivered with a skeptical tone and a cynical expression.

If someone needs to ask this question, they just haven't had the exposure. Blow them away with these insights and it's likely you'll have drawn the inquirer to our side!

1. Tiny Houses from Tiny House Northeast are ready to be lived in; there is nothing to "push out" or "pop-up" in the rain, snow or cold. It's a solid structure, build for New England weather. Just park and rest easy!

2. Tiny houses avoid the structural vulnerabilities and insulation weaknesses of a parked traditional RV with various expanding compartments (e.g., loft pop-up). Old traditional RVs are not appropriate for New England winter weather. We build tiny houses so they can be lived in toasty-warm year-round, in the coldest parts of NH, Me and VT!

3. Our loft bedrooms have incredible headroom at a seated position. People of average height can easily move around to make the bed, and access stored items. Two or three people can sit and watch a movie mounted on a loft wall that can accommodate a 25" monitor/screen.

4. The materials we use create a much healthier living environment. Unlike traditional RVs and Park Models, formaldehyde is not used in our buildings. Any plastic is sequestered to the bathroom. The interior and exterior is clad in wood, (resourced in the US and often in New England) and finishes are applied - or not applied - as the customer wants. Furthermore, we can take any additional steps to design-build a more sustainable green home, using a variety of healthier, green and/or recycled materials for the safest home or office affordable.

5. Tiny homes, offices and galleries by Tiny House Northeast look like houses, but are on wheels. They are handsome structures that fit in with most neighboring suburban or rural homes' architecture. They normally have cedar or pine clapboards, and can include a number of details that make them amazingly attractive! From window shutters to flower boxes, to beautiful large windows or french doors offering an abundance of natural light and ventilation, our tiny houses are both: an expression of good taste and a desire to go where you want.

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