Skills Class: Basic Tiny House Wall Framing, TBD Spring 2018

Learn how to frame structurally competent exterior walls of a tiny house on wheels, including rough openings for standard doors and windows and more. There is more to know than the how to space the studs, add cripples and double plates. Learn how to order windows and doors, and to prepare the ROs to make everything snug and water-tight once installed. This and many other relative topics will be covered and demonstrated. We will work on a shed or other outbuilding during the class.

Pay now to secure your seat(s) for New England's Tiny House Skills Class

FEE: 135./person. Paid registration CLOSES 6pm the Wednesday before any THNE class
WHEN: Saturday, tbd, 2018, 10:45am - 5pm (check-in time is 10:45. Class starts at 11am sharp)
WHERE: Wakefield, NH. Address details provided 5 days before the class.

Minimum enrollment: 10 / Maximum enrollment: 15

For students 18 and older, this class opens with tiny house design insights by our lead tiny house designer and project manager, followed by instruction about wood ("stick") framing techniques by one of our seasoned builders. The majority of the class is actual construction of a corner of an example building with the intention that you will be transferring the learning for your own year-round tiny house built for MA, ME, NH, VT, RI, CT and upper NY State weather. Specifically, we'll also address framing for walls and rough openings for standard-sized/shaped new construction doors and windows, and provide an instructional overview of standard sheathing, taping and/or wrapping options.

The majority of the class will be outdoors, observing, with some physical participation* in the partial framing of a tiny single-story building. Our pre-cut materials necessary for the building sections assures that students will have time to view, discuss and ask questions. The class is limited to 10 minimum/15 maximum students. This is a beginner level for any adult who can recognize and name common tools, and knows what "framing" is. A short break for snacks occurs about half-way during the class.

What you can expect:

  • Framing and related handouts to make your eventual start on your own building easier
  • Healthy and delicious half-time snacks and beverages**
  • 20% discount on the next Skills Class
  • $150. discount off a tiny house trailer if the total 50% deposit is made via wire transfer or certified check within 3 days of the class (sorry, no exceptions). They are usually built in approx. 3 weeks after 50% deposit is cleared
  • 25% discount on any 2018 Tiny House Design & Planning Basics Class for anyone you recommend (18+) within a week after the class, including any that precede this class

This Tiny House Skills Class is meant to provide a useful basic educational experience in a short time period for tiny house DIYers. The skills should be applied and practiced to be useful soon after the class, like after any instruction. "Learning" is an actual brain change that happens over time. While your best start to learn is a class where you see, hear and feel and even smell the structure in person (using several senses aids in memory and retention) it'r by doing that you'll reap the rewards down the road.

Note that tiny houses on wheels, which do not meet Building Code, are not the focus in this class as we venture for students to learn code-compliant wall framing as a baseline for their future projects. However, at the beginning of the class we will detail major differences between static and tiny houses on wheels (e.g., rv, mobile and "other" approaches). Securing a wood-framed structure to a metal trailer (i.e., a tiny house on wheels) is discussed, but is not part of the construction demonstration.

*Only the instructors will be using power tools at this class for your safety
**The break is in the middle of the afternoon. Please eat before class as you'll be at a construction site and need to be alert. Attn. paid students: Please let us know if you have any food allergies

Feedback/Testimonials about Our Classes & Presentations

  • "It was all covered very well!
  • "You had a great balance! Enough to get the wheels turning (no pun intended) without making it overwhelming."
  • "Everything involved with legalities of getting into a tiny house- Getting started!"
  • "Enjoyed the whole class!"
  • "You [Isa] were excellent as a presenter. Very clear and articulate"
  • "Eric and Isa, Thank you so much for the class today. It was very informative, especially the legal part and where to park the tiny house."
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