MA Basics Design, Plan & Frame Class Fundraiser April 28, 2019

Join us! From approximately "how much" to guided researching on parking, the class addresses important designing, planning and framing a tiny house on wheels. The full day class will prepare buyers - or DIY builders that plan to finish the interior of a Weelshell themselves, with a maximum amount of confidence and a minimum of stress. Refreshments are included, as well as an outdoor walk through streets of historic tiny cottages (instruction is conducted in an approximately 350 square foot cottage). Read more about the topics covered below.

Pay now to secure your place(s). Space is limited. 

Late-Comers Class Fee

FEE: Late-comers fee is 120./person (2 for 230. if purchased simultaneously). Pre-registration CLOSED at 6pm Wednesday, April 24, 2019.
WHEN: Rain or Shine, Sunday, April 28, 2019, 10:15 am-5 pm. Class starts promptly at 10:30 am
WHERE: Greater Beverly, MA area. Address details provided 5 days before the class.

Minimum enrollment:10 / Maximum enrollment:25

THIS IS NOT A CONSTRUCTION CLASS! IT'S A CLASS FOR TRUE BEGINNERS, covering lifestyle, basic design planning, basic framing techniques, logistics and more. Once completed, you'll know how to work with the design builders out there (we hope it's THNE, but even if it's not) to build what you want and need. Attendees will also feel prepared to research their parking options, and organize their lifestyle towards a simpler, greener and less expensive way to live in New England.

Researching on your own can be fun and even fascinating, but also incredibly time-consuming and confusing. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience, and develop a clearer vision for your tiny house by attending the class [Bring a notebook and pen!].

Topics covered include:

1. The difference between a tiny house on a foundation, and a tiny house on wheels - the THNE Weelhouse™

2. Locating a legal site to park, including a few of the "easiest" venues, as well as addressing the challenges of parking a tiny house. You want to know these things before make a purchase.

3. Financing a tiny house -if you have to - and insuring a tiny house

4. Resourcing/storing water and electricity, including renewables

5. Weelhouse heat options

6. Addressing sewerage and gray water - or "What's wrong with a flush toilet?"

7. The architectural shapes, including roof styles, that work best for space optimization

8. How to assess what's "got to go": paring down what you own to live happily in a tiny house

9. Working with towns and various regulations

10. The RVIA compliant tiny house: various realities and other information

11. Final Topic is answering your questions or pointing you to where they can be answered.

Please join us!

This event is not for children under 18-years old. Please do not bring children, nor pets.

There are no student rates, "2-fers" or group rate discounts.

Some other place or time would be better for you? You can arrange and promote a special 10-person minimum classes with a 250. deposit. If you would like to organize a class through a library or other institution, club, school or business, please request that their direct staff representative (i.e., the Payor) contact us. Thanks!

The classes are nonrefundable, unless we must cancel the class as a result of circumstances under our general control. Force Majeure conditions not under our control; e.g., extreme weather conditions, including dangerous below freezing temperatures and snow storms, may require postponements of classes to the next reasonable same day of week and time after the threat of the weather event is clearly passed.

Feedback/Testimonials Regarding the Planning Basics Classes

A consensus has been determined! Students most appreciate: being in the tiny house; a moderated time at the end of the class for Q and A's; and learning about utilities, their various limitations and options.

  • front for web"It was all covered very well!
  • "You had a great balance! Enough to get the wheels turning (no pun intended) without making it overwhelming."
  • "Everything involved with legalities of getting into a tiny house- Getting started!"
  • "Enjoyed the whole class!"
  • "You [Isa] were excellent as a presenter. Very clear and articulate"
  • "Eric and Isa, Thank you so much for the class today. It was very informative, especially the legal part and where to park the tiny house."
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