WeelShell™ Tiny House Shells for ME, MA, NH, VT, CT, RI and NY

katie beside a weelshell tiny house shell on wheels by tiny house northeastWe offer 2 levels of tiny house on wheels shells- Weelshells- for ME, MA, NH, VT, RI, CT, and upper NY State. The more complete one is detailed below. The most Basic DIY outline is being updated currently. PLEASE READ THIS INFORMATION ON A STANDARD COMPUTER MONITOR SO YOU DO NOT MISS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID.

Tiny House Northeast You-Do Interior Tiny House Shell

The Ballpark Price range of a simple design with a gable or shed roof, pine exterior and 1 loft starts at approximately 18,000-32,000 for a 8'x16'-28' built for the Northeast weather. We can build somewhat shorter and longer than that but these are the most popular lengths. Customer supplies the tiny house trailer trailer. You may purchase up to a 24' trailer from us at a discount if you order either a Basic DIYer or the You-do Interior tiny house shell.

This is the tiny house Weelshell level that allows you to be sheltered while you take your time to complete the interior. Note this tiny house does not include any electric, plumbing, nor propane installations. If predrilled walls are requested [to run electric, plumbing and propane through the walls] an engineered schematic may be requested by THNE from your licensed professional. Note: It’s relatively easy to purchase the drill and correct bits and assume this interior wall preparation yourself after the tiny house is delivered so you can review it for your actual needs.

The essential architecture is either a single pitch gable roof or a shed roof. Options can be discussed. The estimates on a per length basis below represent the least expensive approach.

Normal scope of work regarding framing:

Treatment of the trailer bed for the tiny house includes galvanized steel flashing installation, water barrier, 2"x6" kiln dried (KD) floor framing, 3/4" tongue and groove floor sheathing e.g., Advantech or similar, relative adhesives and bolts in the cross bracing of the trailer.
Perimeter wall framing studs are KD 2"x4", normally with double top and single bottom plates. 2”x6” framing members may also be used depending on window sizes for strength and stability, followed by 7/16" exterior wall sheathing, and diagonal steel bracing
Roof framing is KD 2"x6" and the roof sheath is Zip System 1/2" or 5/8" red coated or similar
All panels to be taped per manufacturers’ recommendations
One framed-only loft is included in prices. A second is possible. Orientation of the door with 2 lofts will normally run on the eve side of the building (not the end, as with a single loft)
One interior Chase wall (i.e., space for mechanicals/electricals when you install them) between kitchen and bathroom

Also included:

We will furnish and install wood siding (unpainted/unstained/unweatherized). The standard wood option is pine in several styles, including rough-side-out boards, clapboard, or horizontal shiplap, with pine (or similar) corners and trim. More expensive cedar is an option. It can cost up to 5x’s more than pine, but can be left untreated to age naturally, or painted or stained by customer.

We will install windows and door provided by others (rough openings to be located and determined well before build and indicated in building plan). Note that there is an allowance quantity and size of window and door installations on a per length basis. Please ask. Double doors, glass sliding doors, additional egresses, large picture windows (i.e., those windows that require additional framing materials and labor) add building costs to your Weelshell. These components can be discussed and added though. If you do not use our design and planning consultation services, that is fine, but please provide an engineered drawing or formal building plan!

We will furnish and install screw-down galvanized steel painted roofing. More expensive Standing Seam is available as an option.

Each tiny house, office, workshop, or showroom is custom design-built, even when it's a shell. The required architecture for each person, couple, family, with and without pets, disabilities, etc. is unique. It might be hard to believe, but we have created dozens of designs and not 1 has suited more than 1 customer. Please consider either attending a Basics Design and Planning class or using our custom design services. They are invaluable - even if you have been researching for a couple years.

We'll need a plan from you, or consultation completed through us to get any closer than the following for a DIY Basic: the range for a 8'wide x 24'-30' long shed roof Weelshell is approx. 18,500 -23,500+. The variables that can effect the prices include length, architecture, doors/windows (size/quantity), interior layout, materials, and any other components, including appliances, and the custom trailer details.

katie beside a shorter weelshell tiny house shell on wheels by tiny house northeast
Weelshells pictured: DIY BASIC & You-Do Interior (plus windows and door) for MA, NH, ME, VT, CT, RI, NY

*We may be able to help you arrange/connect with transport with drivers within a limited region of New England and upper NY State. You are responsible for the contract and payment with the towing service.

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