If DYIers, be careful to maintain the 13.5' maximum height and 8.5' total width!

  • Not being prepared may leave your tiny house to be towed alright - but not to where you wanted it!
  • Fines are not fun
  • Maybe less fun: cracking the roof of your tiny house under a short New England bridge
  • Access survey maps to see what's easiest

Note about delivery delays and Winter Weather:
Orders for tiny houses on wheels placed between October First and March thirty-first strictly adhere to these terms: If a building is ordered after September, the time window of delivery of a complete product (which is, for a complete tiny house on wheels, normally approximately 16 weeks, give or take a month depending on size and complexity) does not apply. If a building is ordered during the months of October through the end of March, The buyer understands and agrees that completion times cannot be guaranteed during the time frames mentioned due to winter weather conditions. Refunds will not be issued for buildings that cannot be completed due to poor winter weather conditions, frozen ground, or unforeseen circumstances (Force majeure). In the event a completion is delayed due to Force majeure, completion will be as soon as weather conditions permit it, with all building orders remaining in their original completion sequence. All tiny house Trailers, Weelhouses and Weelshells orders are NON-REFUNDABLE.

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