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Build A Tiny House for VT
Build a Tiny House for Vermont

If you have land in VT, Tiny House Northeast design-builds very small, efficient and beautiful homes for your property. Building a static tiny house in Vermont is like anywhere where you plan to build a residence in New England; you'll learn the Town's home size minimums (on their website), abide by all the residential building codes, and you'll hire a local contractor to handle the excavation, foundation, pulling permits, and tie-ins to the building once we have delivered it. Tiny House Northeast will coordinate with your chosen contractor to have the delivery run smoothly. It is not a simple process. After all, your custom design is a year-round tiny house, not a shed. And it's probably just as expensive as any modular home that would be delivered too! Figure with all house construction, delivery charges, and contractor's labor and materials, it might cost 80,000 to 120, 000 or more to be able to reach the goal: living in your complete tiny house. The advantages are unique space efficient design expertise, a very New England aesthetic and a very cozy, easy-to-heat and to maintain stick-built tiny home!

We are invested in style and craftsmanship, with decades of fine finish woodwork, as well as sustainable, green design techniques and materials that add value to the homes, offices, hobby, guest or pool houses.

There is nothing like Vermont. Yes, you can enjoy the hills and mountains, and scattered early American architecture, but it's a special State in New England. People move to Vermont when they have tired of the hustle and opt for the slower existence; when healthy air and healthy living is more possible where there's both more green landscape, but also a will of its residents to keep and value those benefits for a great lifestyle!

Burlington is a hub of activity with 1800's architecture re-purposed for a rich lifestyle. Lively with college students and a center for progressive culture, "green" is "in" in VT. A tiny house is a perfect fit in.

It is particularly expensive to purchase a standard house in New England. In fact, it can be difficult to find any affordable housing for some. Among serving as guest and hobby cottages, pool houses and “accessory” apartments, Tiny House Northeast -New England makes it possible to offer an affordable custom tiny home for almost anyone.

A Weelhouse™ Made for Massachusetts?

All Weelhouse™ models (tiny houses on wheels) are constructed for eastern New England (MA and NH) with high quality lumber and light but strong materials, mounted permanently on a pre-constructed trailer. The transportable Weelhouse™ trailer models are built by a contracted team of tiny house and mobile home builders.

Our Green Factor

If you're interested in a comprehensively environmentally friendly tiny house, you'll be pleased to know that THNE is invested in smart sustainable offerings; e.g., we can offer reclaimed wood, repurposed wood furniture, no VOC adhesives and finishes, and more. We can even set you up with a solar/PV for tiny houses. Please take a look at Renewable Energy Vermont!

Please contact us to explore what you might want for a Tiny House in Vermont.

THNE: Building & Outfitting Tiny Living/Working Spaces with Technology, Furniture, Energy & Appliances That Fit!

Tiny house Northeast is a business for New England thow fans who intend to hire professionals who understand their unique considerations for either partial construction or complete tiny house building of their home or tiny office/other space. Having said that, THNE is also ventures to be helpful to folks who are interested in actively reducing and conserving natural resources - and money through tiny buildings and clean renewable energy.

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