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Build A Tiny House for MA

Have Tiny House Northeast Build Your Tiny House for Massachusetts
Tiny House Northeast design and builds very small, efficient and beautiful homes, either on a foundation for your land in MA, or on wheels. We are invested in fine craftsmenship, as well as applying sustainable design and green building materials, which add value and efficiency to the tiny homes, offices, hobby, guest or pool houses we build.

A Weelhouse™ Made for Massachusetts?

All Weelhouse™ models (tiny houses on wheels) are semi-constructed in eastern New England (MA and NH) with high quality lumber and light but strong materials, mounted permanently on a pre-constructed trailer. The transportable Weelhouse™ travel trailer models are built at our contracted workspace.

For the DIYers

Tiny House Northeast design-builds both trailers and shells (Weelshells™) offering a savings of 10-30% off the complete Weelhouses. Our building team completes the hardest, and/or most skilled work on the shell. You pick it up in NH and tow it from there. If you purchase one that is nearly complete, just apply your preferred finishes (interior wall covering, paint, stain, etc), or purchase one that is just framed and sheathed, and take on the work of the core components yourself; e.g., electric, water, heat, insulation, and more!

The Green Factor

If you're interested in a comprehensively environmentally friendly tiny house, you'll be pleased to know that THNE is invested in smart sustainable offerings; e.g., reclaimed wood, repurposed wood furniture, no VOC adhesives and finishes, and more. We can even set you up with a solar/PV for tiny houses*.

Massachusetts has excellent money-saving opportunities for installing PV (photovoltaic) systems; i.e., solar panels, that enjoy tax rebates and other incentives. It gets better: after a few years, electricity that is generated from the panels, which travels back into "the grid", pays for your installation. My own small home's projected payoff is 7 years. After then I will continue to be paid for the electricity feed back to the electric company. This is exciting. And what feels better than not depending on "the grid".

What to Enjoy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts?

Living in MA in a tiny house is an ingeniously inexpensive and easy way to enjoy the Commonwealth’s vast range of natural beauty, history and culture, with a terrain that is amazingly diverse for such a small state (“Commonwealth” actually); from mountains to the wide open Atlantic Ocean; from farm fields to urban landscapes.

Boston is a world-class city with more universities than any in the world. The Commonwealth also boasts many of the US’s original communities; and the earliest American architecture.

In eastern MA it is particularly expensive to purchase a standard house. In fact, it can be plain difficult to find any affordable housing for some. Among serving as guest and hobby cottages, pool houses and “accessory” apartments, Tiny House Northeast makes it possible to offer an affordable custom tiny home for almost anyone.

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*Weelhouses and small solar arrays (PV) are an excellent match, but the portable systems can power only smaller electronics, not a building's heat or hot water.

THNE: Building & Outfitting Tiny Living/Working Spaces with Technology, Furniture, Energy & Applicances That Fit!

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