Thank you for your payment for the next Wakefield NH Class

Dear Paid Tiny House Planning and Design Basics Class Attendees,

We look forward to meeting you in person at 1975 Province Lake Rd, E Wakefield, NH at 1:45p for check in. This is NOT a showroom, but a private location for the purposes of the class that day.

The class starts sharp at 2pm, so if you have a long drive, please leave extra time to get there between 1:45p and 2pm. The class is truly stuffed with information so the minutes count, we promise. No one will probably be available to greet you and provide a nametag until 1:45p.

We'll have a break with snacks midway through the class.

A couple of important things to know: there is no bathroom, so if you have lunch downtown in Sanbornville (e.g., Tumbledown Cafe is a favorite), there are restrooms on the way, as well as a port-a-potty's at the convenience store down the street from the class location.

Please dress for any weather: cold, wet, sunny, warm. It's New England! And wear comfortable shoes please. The class involves standing, walking some and, if you'd like to see the sleeping loft, getting up a ladder in this particular tiny house.

Finally, bring a notepad, pen/pencil and any questions that you may have. We say the class goes until 4:30p, but it often runs over closer to 5p with questions usually. No problem! A tiny house is a big commitment, whether you do it yourself or have someone build for you. We want you to feel like you have a good handle on your next steps.

Until then, safe travels,

Isa, Eric and the Tiny House Northeast Team

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