Parking and Renting Land

New Year-Round Tiny House Parking in The Northeast

New Hampshire

1. Wakefield NH Opportunity: Tiny House Parking and Land Renting*

Cheap Off-grid Parking for [your] 1-2 homes in Wakefield, NH n a mostly forested quasi secluded lot. This is a rustic environment; i.e., no water, electricity or septic tank. It's approx. 40 mins to Portsmouth. Low rent in exchange for some help around the land, including shoveling out the driveway - and shovelling a path for your compost toilet waste trail! You must have a composting toilet and be willing to take care of that properly with peat moss (there will be a designated dumping area), purchase/store water on board (to keep from freezing) and heat with an onboard vented source (e.g., direct vent propane heater).


THNE is excited to be working with Tree Farm Campground* In Vermont to provide year-round parking for tiny houses

There are several options for parking and living in your tiny house RV in MA, NH, ME, RI, VT, CT and Upper NY

If you want to take the easiest road (pun intended), then your best parking spot for your tiny house on wheels, or our Weelhouses, would be in a long term mobile park where they are equipped for year-round living.

That option follows with the less easy and more expensive but still reliable, campground parking. Year-round RV and mobile home campgrounds are becoming more common in our New England states where we experience hard, freezing winters. Most are still seasonal though.

There are a few approaches tiny home owners have taken to secure parking for their tiny houses in Me, MA, NH, VT, RI, CT, and upper NY State. A few include:

1. You have land of your own

2. Family or friends have welcomed you onto their land

3. Some people have found parking on farms

4. Some have posted their inquiry for parking on craigslist

In all cases, whether it's rent-free or not, be careful to have an agreement between you and the landowner. We suggest that you make a contract with your landlords to identify exactly what they will provide and at what cost, and be clear about their expectations of you, the renter; e.g., Will the landlord mow the lawn/shovel the driveway? Are you expected to mow the lawn/shovel the driveway? Is it ok if no one mows the lawn/shovel the driveway?, etc. Stick to your side of the bargain and "move on" when it no longer suits you per your written agreement.

It's a bit of an art to find just the right place; where you won't offend the local authorities and have any appearance of thwarting the zoning conditions of any town of city.

You have to discover for yourself where to park [legally] since there are hundreds of zones in almost as many States in the Northeast. We are not able to know this for you. Please look online on a per town basis (e.g., on the town's website) for the zoning bylaws which indicate the limits and standards (sanitary, etc.) for living in an RV, mobile home or camper (tiny houses on wheels can be built to fit into these categories).

The upside of course is that you can move anywhere. That includes pulling up stakes and driving to warm climates for winter where there will be plenty of RV type parking spaces.

*No inquiries can be discussed inot the NH and VT parking without filling in the Contact form on this website please. In the Subject area, please indicate the location(s) of Interest: NH or VT. Include [accurate and current]: first/last name, an email address, phone number. Naturally the owners want to know about the people/pets who want to park there. Note: please indicate the best time to call you, and any specific questions via the form and, after submitting the form, then email. Thanks!

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