Transporting Your Tiny House

Towing for a Weelhouseâ„¢ and transport of foundation-ready houses/other tiny buildings for New England are available.

Regarding the Wheelhouse road-ready tiny house models, you may tow the tiny home away with a truck outfitted with the proper hitch and sufficient power (e.g., a 3/4 ton to 1-ton for 20' plus), hire a professional transport company, or we can provide some possible transportation contacts for you.

Please make sure that your towing vehicle/company is properly insured, with permits for oversized travel RVs if necessary (i.e., standard tiny houses that exceed height of 13.5' or Park Models exceeding the 8.5' width) for each state it drives through. You are responsible for the unit once it's off our property, no matter who drives it away.

Tiny House Northeast is "not in the towing business", but request the service if you get stuck for a tow. This service would be extended to tiny house purchases from THNE and in New England and upper NY State only.

Transporting a foundation-ready tiny house

The transport of any foundation ready houses (not on wheels) will incur a fee, and is limited normally to the region of southeastern NH/northeastern MA. Our partnered licensed and permitted vehicles will transport the tiny house to the housing site and either place it on the foundation that you have ready, or on cinder blocks for future transfer if the foundation is incomplete at the time of delivery. Upon completion, it will be delivered (after final payment). We can not store your tiny building at our facility. Please plan accordingly with your general contractor to receive and coordinate with our delivery personnel.

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