Financing a Tiny Houses

Excellent news for you who want to FINANCE a COMPLETE WEELHOUSE, a WEELSHELL TIny House Northeast tiny house on wheels, or even a static tiny home construction. Click on Lightstream for more info below!

Truly great financing news for anyone who wants to finance a tiny house ON WHEELS with THNE. Even a static tiny house! Please note that It's relatively easy to obtain a home remodel or home equity loan for a static house (not on wheels), even a TINY static house (as long as it meets the town's minimum home size requirement- if is has a minimum in its bylaws). However, since a tiny house on wheels is personal property, your loan for it will be more expensive usually; with the interest rates being likely higher. Also, the repayment term is typically much shorter.

Constructed in the Northeast, the tiny houses on wheels and static tiny houses are built for delivery ONLY to MA, NH, ME, VT, RI, CT, and upper NY State. For the delivery of a static tiny home your local GC is required for all site prep work, including the foundation, pulling permits, installing mechanicals/electricals, and making all utility connections, and more. We do not build on site.

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