Wheelchair & Other Disability Design and Construction

tiny house wheelchair, senior and disability design and construction new englandMost families have members that require a tiny house design that accommodates their unique challenges; be they for a wheelchair/other physical aids; energy, strength or agility challenges; or a need for an environment that helps maintain the safety of an individual, including those whose reaction times are impaired with medication, age related changes and others. At times all challenges exist. We'll work with you to get the home that is right for you!

Tiny House Northeast welcomes the project that causes us to think outside the box and design a special layout for anyone who wants to maximize their lifestyle and enjoyment of their tiny home, and with respect and understanding.

Everyone counts. Tiny houses can be designed so everyone feels welcome in them; a flexible, universally usable space! We also have family members that live with lifelong physical limitations that present unique approaches to daily functions: everything from bedroom and bathroom spaces to counter heights; from ramps and safe pet spaces to a wheelchair height deck garden.

We're pleased to work with a disabilities professional of your choice.

Please contact us to get started on your own tiny house on wheels plan.

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