Buy A Tiny House in VT

Purchase A Tiny House for Vermont*

Living in VT in a tiny house is an ingeniously inexpensive and easy way to enjoy the states’s vast natural beauty, and a culture that, more often than not, appreciates and cares for its natural and social environment to create a welcoming and open place to live.

Burlington is a vibrant college town with the brick architecture that characterizes the Industrial Revolution in the Northeast. There is always a myriad of activities throughout the year. Even the winter wind and snow doesn't stop a lively well-attended New Years Eve event.

Vermont can be a special value over some of the southern New England states if you're seeking land. Naturally more populated areas, such as Burlington, will be more expensive, but move outside that circle and enjoy both: more low cost options for land and a unique sense of freedom that VT affords,

See our tiny homes listings (Coming soon), tiny buildings being sold by its owners in the New England States plus upper New York State. They are either on a lot of land, on wheels (transportable as a standard RV) - or occasionally on skids or some other movable platform to transport to your own land.

*We neither directly finance, nor broker or administer the sales of real property. Tiny houses are not real estate/realty/real property. They are personal property.

In New England it can be particularly expensive to purchase a standard house. In fact, it can be difficult to find any affordable housing for some. Among serving as guest and hobby cottages, pool houses and “accessory” apartments, Tiny House Northeast -New England Builders makes it possible to offer an affordable custom tiny home for almost anyone.

If you would like a home built for you Please contact Tiny House Northeast.

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