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Living in NH in a tiny house is an inexpensive and easy way to enjoy the State’s vast range of natural beauty, history and culture, with a terrain that is nicely varied; from mountains to the short but striking Atlantic coast; from farm fields to urban landscapes. Portsmouth is a charming ocean-side city featuring renovated architecture from the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800's and earlier. Now teaming with restaurants, cafes, and nightlife, it attracts local college students, artists and those who appreciate the culture of a small walkable city.

New Hampshire can be a special value over some of the more southern New England states. Property taxes might be higher than some States but then there's no sales tax, which is nice. Plus there are fewer intrusive regulations that might making living in a tiny house on wheels a little less complicated. Having said that, THNE wants you to be safe and sanitary. We build for fire safety, energy efficiency, and make sure your option to manage [human] waste is a safe and legally compliant one! We take our stewardship of the Earth pretty seriously.

*We neither directly finance, nor broker or administer the sales of real property. Tiny houses are not real estate/realty/real property. They are personal property.

In New England it can be particularly expensive to purchase a standard house. In fact, it can be difficult to find any affordable housing for some. Among serving as guest and hobby cottages, pool houses and “accessory” apartments, Tiny House Northeast -New England Builders makes it possible to offer an affordable custom tiny home for almost anyone.

If you would like a home built for you Please contact Tiny House Northeast.

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  • Note that we are unable to research zoning for you.

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    Please review the FAQs and the Planning page on to be sure that your interests match what is possible for your region; e.g., THNE design-builds tiny houses on wheels (Weelhouse™) for New England and upper NY state, but it design-builds a tiny house for a foundation only within the limited region of Southeastern NH and Northeastern MA).

  • Note that we are unable to research zoning for you.

  • Note that we are unable to research zoning for you.

  • Note that we are unable to research zoning for you.

  • Do you have financing? Tiny houses on wheels are NOT considered Real Estate and can't be financed with a typical home mortgage. Important: Please see the Pricing Basics page for price minimums & the Financing page on] *

    Our payment schedule is simple: [as applicable] after purchasing a trailer through THNE, we collect 50% upon ordering, and 50% before the project leaves the project site. No delivery of tiny houses are approved before the final payment. If you should not be able to make the final payment

  • Timing & Refining Your Design-Build (note that tiny houses are completed within 8-16 weeks after the 50% deposit is cleared, and depending on size, complexity and time of year).
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