Maine-Ready Tiny House

tiny homes of ME

The cedar clad model pictured is a rustic, sturdy tiny portable cabin featuring a wood stove to "land anywhere", a tiny home of Maine or anywhere where below freezing weather demands a deeply insulated tough building. Gather a few dry branches and warm up quick in a 8' x 18' with a wood stove!


We design and contract builders who are experienced in building dozens of tiny houses on wheels. In this case the cabin is an unconventional 13' 10.5" tall for just a little additional headroom on the main floor. Tiny homes of Maine, of NH, of VT; they all required the experience and techniques that are normal to the New England region. Be careful you order where the builders have the true winter like ours. It can be any style but we make them warm and sturdy for winter living!

By the way, did you know that your public library can have us present in ME? The presentations are fee-based and the fee depends on distance (i.e., if the presntation requires a workday worth of driving the fee will reflect that). South Berwick was closeby and the attendees really enjoyed it!: 


“Tiny House Northeast’s presentation on Tiny Houses as an alternative to traditional homes, brought new people into the library and was lively and engaging. This is a timely subject good for folks looking for a way to live more simply and those just dreaming about it.” ~ Karen McCarthy Eger, Library Director, South Berwick Public Library, South Berwick, Maine


We do not solicit to libraries ourselves- too busy-, but if you would like your local library to host a tiny house basic presentation, please let them know you're interested and have them contact us using our Contact form. We'll return to them promptly. 

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