Sell A Tiny House in RI

Sell A Tiny House in Rhode Island

THNE: Building & Outfitting Tiny Living/Working Spaces with Technology, Furniture, Energy & Appliances That Fit!

Tiny house Northeast is a business for New England t-house fans who intend to hire professionals who understand their unique considerations for either partial construction or complete tiny house building of their home or tiny office/other space. Having said that, THNE is also ventures to be helpful to folks who are interested in actively reducing and conserving natural resources - and money through tiny buildings and clean renewable energy. We appreciate that housing is crazy expensive, and unnecessarily so. Unintentionally, those who can afford (or would want) a McMansion, have driven the cost of a small house for the rest of us.

A tiny house is, of course, not for everyone. It can't just be about money. There's more to it...Which brings us to the blog for this week. Tim, our interior architectural layout pro shares his reflections. If they don't resonate with you, we'll be surprised! T-House New England Blog>

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