Buy A Tiny House in ME

We design-build tiny houses for ME! Tiny homes of Maine need to be hardy and well-built. We do that!

Living in ME in a tiny house is an ingeniously inexpensive and easy way to enjoy the states’s vast range of natural beauty, history and culture, with a terrain that is amazingly diverse for such a small state; from mountains to the rustic Atlantic coast; from farm fields to urban landscapes.

Portland is a charming ocean-side city featuring renovated architecture from the Industrial Revolution (late 1800's) repurposed for restaurants, cafes, and a lively nightlife.

Maine can be a special value over some of the southern New England state. Normally, there is a less expensive land for sale, and the cost for building is lower. Overall, you can expect a superior savings in ME. I have seen a materials cost difference of nearly 20%.

See our tiny homes listings (Coming soon), tiny buildings being sold by its owners in the New England States plus upper New York State. They are either on a lot of land, on wheels (transportable as a standard RV) - or occasionally on skids or some other moveable platform to transport to your own land.

*We neither directly finance, nor broker or administer the sales of real property. Tiny houses are not real estate/realty/real property. They are personal property.

In New England it can be particularly expensive to purchase a standard house. In fact, it can be difficult to find any affordable housing for some. Among serving as guest and hobby cottages, pool houses and “accessory” apartments, Tiny House Northeast -New England Builders makes it possible to offer an affordable custom tiny home for almost anyone.

If you would like a home built for you Please contact Tiny House Northeast.

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