How to Build And Live Tiny

A Tiny House Built for New England? A Great Idea? Well, Yes!

Your planning is as important to us as it is to you. In this website we provide a plethora, myriad, crazy amount of information to help you plan what you need - and determine how you are going to pay for it. There are many things you can do before you get us engaged to help. Keep in mind that after an estimate range is provided free-of-charge (based on a form you will fill in, and a short phone discussion), the following planning, designing, researching, drawing and building are all chargeable services.

The reasons for people adopting the tiny house life, full or part time, are as varied as why people buy a pickup truck versus a sporty luxury car.

It's often about saving money on every front, from heating to lot requirements: You will discover that it is very difficult to spend more money on tiny house living, whether on a foundation or wheels, even in the short run. You will end up on top!

There is a large contingency of people who want to conserve natural resources: This can be achieved at every level of construction; building materials, heating, water use and electricity, even the scaled-down furniture can represent a "green" or "greenest" option!

For some, it's all about mobility and freedom: Even a small house on a foundation can be disconnected and moved! But of course the house-on-wheels (our Weelhouseâ„¢) can be driven anywhere. And provide a peaceful hideaway among a stand of tree or remote lake.

It may be that all three describe you, and then you can be sure you're a tiny house natural.

To get more info, Tiny House Northeast recommends the amazing tiny house community on the Internet that offers generous and detailed insights into tiny house living. It's our hope that after your scouting and learning, you'll return to the high quality finish work and sustainability approaches that THNE demands of our construction, and ask us to help design and then build your tiny house, office or other small building. We really take pride in the old-fashioned value of craftsmenship.
Location, Location, Location for The Tiny House

Tiny Homes on Foundations

Some towns and cities will make it more easy than others to build a very small or tiny house on a foundation >>

Tiny Homes on Wheels

Depending on where you want to live, a Weelhouse can be a simple approach to living tiny on wheels>>

Anything of value requires patience and hard work.