Product 5 Stairs and Kitchenette View

A comfortable tiny house kitchen with everything you ask for is possible. If you love to cook and need a full kitchen, we do that. Many people forego an oven, and opt for a 2-burner stove and more under-counter space.

Our design consultation service will help to maximize every square foot for YOUR hobbies, lifestyle, future living goals, size of family and help you determine utilties and off-grid options that work for your living/parking requirements. Here we have a chrome steel wrapped portion of the counter that provides a modern and sanitary surface for food preparation, as does the eastern US granite slab that forms the balance of the kitchenette counter. Many options for counters are available. The least expensive are laminates. Granite and marble are gorgeous, as are tiles, but it's best to keep the overall weight of the house down and use the heavier materials only where their application is a small section of the counter (e.g., food prep surface). Ask us!

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