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Tiny House Northeast (THNE) is a family run, tiny houses designer and builder for New England weather that constructs extremely efficient living, working and hobby foundation-ready building shells and Weelhouses. We intentionally serve cold weather New England (MA, NH, ME, CT, RI and VT) and Upstate NY and any customer who wants a home they can live in at any time of the year in the cold weather..

We know our customers, and the weather fortified construction and utilities that meet the demands of our region.

After 20 years plus of project management, and decades of collective building experience, our tiny house business is a preferred labor of love. We believe that tiny house, office and other commercial structures are more than charming and cute - they are - but are also environmentally friendlier, requiring fewer resources to build, run and maintain. This is all good. 

Two Types

1. Tiny House 10' (special delivery required)*
10' wide mobile home shell on a trailer. Your local contractor prepares the site, pulls the permits and ties in the building. We do not send our builders out to your site. "Tiny Houses", "Tiny Homes" or "Micro Homes", and other tiny buildings (e.g., offices, studios) are built to be delivered and the interiors completed locally. These buildings are our own designs developed with the customer, constructed for year-round living - but ONLY for delivery! We do not build on your site and you must have a local contractor.

2. Our Weelhouses, tiny houses on wheels, are 100% custom design-built, mounted permanently on heavy duty dual or triple-axle trailers, depending on length and weight. Once we have helped you design a tiny house that suits your specific lifestyle (or you submit real building plans) - then we source the materials and build it for you. We are not a delivery company but will help you connect to a towing service if you need it.

More Background

Tiny House Northeast started with interest in tiny homes as a means to simplify life, use less natural resources, and save money. The tiny house "Weelhouse" took root when the Project Manager wanted a wood cottage to tow to historical reenactment events. We took note of housing shortages in New England; people's desire to live more simply, to reduce belongings to only what they really need; to be offgrid at times; and we understood the deep need for affordable housing.

All foundation-ready [static] tiny house models are built for New England and upper NY State with high quality lumber and other materials for delivery on your land* .

The transportable Weelhouse™ tiny house on wheels models are completed at our contracted work spaces by experienced tiny home builders. We may also leave work to be completed by customers, however, and you can save some money and get your hands dirty too. We love it!

We know it's attractive to have a home that is transportable to any location - mountain valley, lakeside, to an Atlantic ocean view - in something that fits into a natural environment (versus the plastic and metal mobile homes, RVs and campers). Ask us to design-build a healthier, handsome tiny house for you!

Weelhouse™ Models

Maximizing the popular concept of a tiny house that looks like an actual wood house, many of the available designs can be road-ready, similar to an RV (most simple architectural example at right). We offer custom designs: our Weelhouse models. They are bolted to a heavy duty trailer. They are ready to be hitched and driven to your land lot, campground, work site or your parents' backyard via any powerful pickup truck! There are no special permits involved as this is not a "wide load" transport. And you also don't require a Class A driver's license to tow them if they don't exceed 8.5" exterior width**. If you don't plan on moving often, you can go a bit wider (i.e., 10") and get a professional mover with the right permits, drivers license, liability coverage and towing vehicle to tow your home to your building site.

Heating options for the complete Weelhouse models include propane gas heat, wood stoves and others.

The Weelhouse Models are ordered either as completely ready-to-live-in tiny houses, equipped with stove, sinks, shower, toilet, shelving and other essential built-in furniture, or as a "Weelshell" with windows, doors, floor boards, and a roof, that is ready to be sided and finished inside; i.e., you would be adding interior walls, furniture, all appliances, flooring, etc.


If you're interested in a comprehensively environmentally friendly tiny house, then you'll be pleased to know that THNE is invested in smart sustainable offerings; e.g., reclaimed wood, used wood furniture, no VOC (volatile organic compounds) adhesives and finishes, and more. We can even set you up with a solar/PV for tiny houses. The portable systems can handle most normal electricity requirements - but not heat nor hot water. Hot water-on-demand is an efficient way to go.

Sustainable materials are usually more expensive to purchase and at times, more expensive to install or apply (i.e., time-intensive). We'll help guide you if your finances require nailing down certain priorities. For some, solar is a must. For others, even the floor must be derived from recycled carpet or reclaimed wood. If no interior VOC finishes or plastics is your deal-breaker, THNE want to make it as green as possible within your budget.

Tiny Houses for Special Needs

THNE can work with clients who require a unique layout to accommodate many physical limitations. The client will be our guide as to what will work.

Special Custom Services for Our Fellow Frugal and Self-Sufficient New Englanders

At times we can integrate a building component you already own; e.g., maybe you found a tremendous deal on a large used picture window at a yard sale, or a fancy wood cabinet that could be modified for the narrower footprint that accommodates the tiny house. We're local and we're pleased to override our standard plans. Just fill in the form and send along a couple photos and measurements to be sure that it's right for the building! If it works, we'll ask you drop your special item for installation off at THNE. We have no problem making efforts to both: save you money, and/or add something that is special to you to make it a dream space.

*All permits, excavation, foundation pouring, etc. must be accomplished by your local general contractor (according to the unique laws of your State and town).

**If you don't plan on moving often, you can go a bit wider and get a professional mover with the right permits, liability coverage and vehicle to move your home from the building site. Cost and project management for a wider model will be born by the home buyer.

Please contact us if you would like us to help you build your tiny house furniture.

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