We don't have a showroom. THNE is a small business, striving for low overhead to keep prices down, with a small team that is in the tiny house design-build business with the expectation that by doing what we love, we're happy and then our customers are happy too!

We keep things pretty simple: high quality is not some shallow tagline for us.

Craftsmanship, sustainability and hard work is what we offer and what guides us. We have no salespeople and no models to show on stand-by. What gets custom design-built goes to the customer to be lived in!

We understand that you want to see and feel a tiny house. You should know what you're getting into, literally. THNE presents Tiny House Planning Basics classes almost monthly, which normally feature a tour inside and outside of a tiny house.  It will provide a sense of space, design possibilities, and also some useful insights into "what not to do." Occasionally Tiny House Northeast has a tiny house tour in NH or MA, which raises money for either our tiny house on wheels free building space development in Wakefield, NH, or another New England social or environmental effort.

We can show you our brand of quality and craftsmanship with photos, but we can't imagine the right size for you!

If you can't make it to a class, you can visit or create a trial tiny home environment where you are in ME, VT, RI, CT, NH, MA or upper NY State.  Here are a couple of ideas to help you figure it out:

1. Get the feeling of a typical tiny house space at your local shed retailer! Usually you can find a shed that features the 8' exterior width, which is the maximum width that as a year-round tiny house on wheels requires no special permit or license to tow behind you!

2. Mark out your ideal tiny house on wheels dimensions in an open space or in a large interior open space; i.e., 8' wide x 16', 20', 28' length, etc. Take measurements of your appliances - and note you'll be able to shave off a few inches with the smaller apartment or camper versions. Then "place" your "furniture and appliances" in the space you've marked using stones and sticks (this is a dog-free exercise!).

Until you try this it will be tough to know the length you need for yourself, a couple, family and pets.

3. Let us help you figure it out! With our consultation process>> , a process that results in not just a size of your optimum tiny house, but also birdseye plans from which we can build for you!

Have a Foundation-ready Tiny House Built for NH
Build a Tiny House for New Hampshire and tiny house construction for New Hampshire

If you own land in NH, Tiny House Northeast can design-build a small, efficient and beautiful home for you. We are invested in style and craftsmenship, with decades of fine finish woodwork, as well as design techniques and materials that add value to the homes, offices, hobby, guest or pool houses.

To build a tiny house that will be set on a foundation, you need to have the land first. Keep notes about your house plans with all your good ideas. When you're ready, THNE is here to work with you to execute the design you have in mind or work to develop a plan for you. Contact us.

Living in NH in a tiny house is an inexpensive and easy way to enjoy the state. Its range of natural beauty; from mountains to a short but rich coast of wide open Atlantic Ocean; from farm fields to urban landscapes, its motto, "Live free or die"  resonates with many independent Yankees who want a tiny house life.

In New England it is particularly expensive to purchase a standard house. Among serving as guest and hobby cottages, pool houses and “accessory” apartments, Tiny House Northeast - New England makes it possible to offer an affordable custom tiny home or office for almost anyone.

Please contact us to learn what you want for a tiny house. We'll help >>

If you're looking for land in New Hampshire, we're researched and compiled the real estate taxes by NH town/city for 2013, below. Where there are "Grants" and "Purchases" with "0" tax, you can assume that there is no normal purchasable land. Keep in mind that a low tax town can help you hang on to a piece in a location you love at a low annual cost (e.g., a few hundred dollors) while you or we take careful time to plan the perfect home. At the same time, not all low tax towns also have any cheap land.

Bean's Purchase     0     Newbury     14.61     Nelson     19.63     Goshen     21.76     Rindge     24.63
Dix Grant     0     Sunapee     14.62     Cornish     19.7     Lyme     21.9     Milton     24.7
Erving's Grant     0     Harrisville     14.75     Rumney     19.74     Deerfield     21.91     Plaistow     24.71
Hadley's Purchase     0     South Hampton     14.75     Dalton     19.75     Hampstead     21.94     Mason     24.75
Kilkenny     0     New London     15.03     Jefferson     19.75     Unity     21.95     Hinsdale     24.79
Low and Burbank Gr     0     Clarksville     15.2     Orange     19.77     Ashland     21.98     Orford     24.83
Martin's Location     0     Shelburne     15.32     Litchfield     19.81     Plymouth     22.01     Bennington     24.9
Millsfield     0     Madison     15.4     Greenville     19.85     Greenfield     22.11     Marlborough     25.11
Odell     0     Washington     15.6     Lempster     19.85     Dublin     22.15     Goffstown     25.18
Sargent's Purchase     0     Benton     15.85     Springfield     19.88     Piermont     22.16     Langdon     25.23
Second College Grant     0     New Hampton     15.87     Hudson     19.95     Manchester     22.18     Warner     25.24
Success     0     Franconia     15.92     Alexandria     19.96     Franklin     22.22     Deering     25.32
Thom. And Mes.     1.89     Wentworth Location     15.92     Candia     19.97     Hooksett     22.32     Wilton     25.37
Hart's Location     2.88     Randolph     15.98     Hampton Falls     19.98     Strafford     22.38     Dover     25.52
Hale's Location     4.55     Warren     15.98     Chichester     20.16     Alstead     22.46     Milford     25.55
New Castle     6.39     North Hampton     16.05     Grantham     20.17     Bradford     22.69     Marlow     25.66
Green's Grant     7.11     Chesterfield     16.72     Wilmot     20.29     Roxbury     22.85     Rochester     25.68
Pinkham's Grant     7.24     Dummer     16.85     Enfield     20.3     New Durham     22.96     Canterbury     25.83
Hebron     7.93     Ossipee     17.08     Whitefield     20.31     Newfields     23.02     Exeter     25.92
Moultonborough     8.56     Brookfield     17.14     Bedford     20.32     New Boston     23.03     Gilsum     25.94
Newington     8.95     Hanover     17.4     Sanbornton     20.33     Windham     23.05     Northfield     25.96
Tuftonboro     9.14     Portsmouth     17.55     Grafton     20.38     Stratford     23.16     Amherst     26.28
Bridgewater     9.75     Conway     17.61     Nottingham     20.42     Northwood     23.2     Sullivan     26.75
Jackson     10.13     Effingham     17.76     Epsom     20.5     Merrimack     23.21     Troy     26.77
Bartlett     10.33     Hampton     17.77     Londonderry     20.5     Danbury     23.22     Pembroke     26.84
Easton     10.75     Stark     17.78     Loudon     20.54     Raymond     23.22     Rollinsford     26.94
Albany     10.97     Woodstock     17.88     Salem     20.58     Brentwood     23.24     Danville     27.18
Errol     11.14     Tilton     18.25     New Ipswich     20.62     Temple     23.34     Jaffrey     27.31
Rye     11.22     Columbia     18.27     Wentworth     20.62     Gilmanton     23.42     Penacook     27.52
Groton     11.23     Andover     18.3     Lancaster     20.73     Lyndeborough     23.5     Fremont     27.8
Monroe     11.33     Gilford     18.3     Weare     20.77     Barnstead     23.56     Winchester     27.92
Sandwich     11.51     Thornton     18.32     Sandown     20.78     East Kingston     23.56     Hopkinton     28.19
Eaton     11.64     Webster     18.37     Hancock     20.8     Antrim     23.67     Northumberland     28.32
Chatham     11.72     Bath     18.42     Kensington     20.8     Newmarket     23.67     Peterborough     28.39
Wakefield     11.95     Atkinson     18.8     Farmington     21     Chester     23.85     Hillsborough     28.4
Freedom     12.43     Surry     18.93     Laconia     21     Canaan     23.88     Mont Vernon     28.54
Waterville Valley     12.6     Bristol     18.95     Westmoreland     21.13     Newton     23.91     Bethlehem     28.61
Meredith     12.62     Hill     18.95     Walpole     21.18     Swanzey     23.96     Henniker     28.61
Wolfeboro     12.64     Tamworth     19     Hollis     21.23     Salisbury     24.15     Durham     28.75
Lincoln     12.73     Sharon     19.03     Colebrook     21.31     Lebanon     24.19     Somersworth     28.94
Center Harbor     12.97     Milan     19.16     Dunbarton     21.37     Allenstown     24.21     Fitzwilliam     29.31
Croydon     12.98     Lyman     19.3     Barrington     21.46     Epping     24.27     Newport     29.69
Windsor     13.34     Stratham     19.31     Nashua     21.49     Richmond     24.31     Bow     29.7
Holderness     13.5     Auburn     19.38     Boscawen     21.5     Concord     24.37     Charlestown     29.92
Alton     13.68     Dorchester     19.4     Sutton     21.57     Pelham     24.4     Lee     29.94
Ellsworth     13.94     Sugar Hill     19.45     Francestown     21.61     Plainfield     24.45     Gorham     30.33
Greenland     14.13     Carroll     19.5     Kingston     21.64     Haverhill     24.49     Pittsfield     30.44
Pittsburg     14.15     Landaff     19.5     Acworth     21.66     Brookline     24.5     Derry     30.48
Stoddard     14.45     Campton     19.52     Belmont     21.7     Madbury     24.52     Keene     31.4
Seabrook     14.51     Stewartstown     19.55     Littleton     21.7     Middleton     24.6     Berlin     32.31
Lisbon     32.41      Claremont     34.37

THNE: Building & Outfitting Tiny Living/Working Spaces with Technology, Furniture, Energy & Applicances That Fit!

Tiny house Northeast is a business for New England t-house fans who intend to hire professionals who understand their unique considerations for either partial construction or complete tiny house building of their home or tiny office/other space. Having said that, THNE is also ventures to be helpful to folks who are interested in actively reducing and conserving natural resources - and money through tiny buildings and clean renewable energy. We appreciate that housing is crazy expensive, and unnecessarily so.

A tiny house is, of course, not for everyone. It can't just be about money. There's more to it...FAQS

Purchase A Weelhouse* for New Hampshire

Living in NH in a tiny house is an inexpensive and easy way to enjoy the State’s vast range of natural beauty, history and culture, with a terrain that is nicely varied; from mountains to the short but striking Atlantic coast; from farm fields to urban landscapes. Portsmouth is a charming ocean-side city featuring renovated architecture from the Industrial Revolution of the late 1800's and earlier. Now teaming with restaurants, cafes, and nightlife, it attracts local college students, artists and those who appreciate the culture of a small walkable city.

New Hampshire can be a special value over some of the more southern New England states. Property taxes might be higher than some States but then there's no sales tax, which is nice. Plus there are fewer intrusive regulations that might making living in a tiny house on wheels a little less complicated. Having said that, THNE wants you to be safe and sanitary. We build for fire safety, energy efficiency, and make sure your option to manage [human] waste is a safe and legally compliant one! We take our stewardship of the Earth pretty seriously.

*We neither directly finance, nor broker or administer the sales of real property. Tiny houses are not real estate/realty/real property. They are personal property.

In New England it can be particularly expensive to purchase a standard house. In fact, it can be difficult to find any affordable housing for some. Among serving as guest and hobby cottages, pool houses and “accessory” apartments, Tiny House Northeast -New England Builders makes it possible to offer an affordable custom tiny home for almost anyone.

If you would like a home built for you Please contact Tiny House Northeast.

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