16 Foot Tiny House Trailer for Sale

Available to drive away: a 3rd party 16' tiny house trailer for sale, $3,595. A couple of superficial scratches could use some Rustoleum (we can do that for you no charge). Otherwise it's in new condition. Great for a 16' tiny house on wheels. It is 100% DOT with 1 set of breaks. The approx. 98.5" width measurement allows for the max width building interior (ours are normally 94"-96" wide instead). The wheelwells are only a couple inches beyond the bed flange. If you're more concerned with added interior width than roof extending past the exterior walls, then this trailer is good for you. With just 16' you could tow your stickbuilt tiny house with [normally] just a Ford F150, and use it to tour the country! The offer time is limited to May 2017. Please use the Contact form and specify "the 16' for sale" as the subject.

Tires are new ST205/75D15, 5-nut

Measurements are all approximate: Drop axles create 20" bed height from ground to top of flange; 98" bed width; Bed is recessed 3"; Length of fenders 68" at widest point (see pics) and begin at 44" off non-hitch end (see pics); Hitch tongue offers 35" from bed flange to jack crank.


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