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What you can find on the Internet to help you construct your own tiny house on wheels is nothing less than amazing!

Given enough time, even an amateur carpenter can build their tiny home in NH, MA, ME, VT, CT, RI and NY with enough patience and energy (and hopefully a few eager-to-help friends and family!).
These online calculation and estimating tools below are really handy. Try your hand at a couple small projects, such as creating a table and/or shelving, to get the sense of how to use them correctly. A dog house is a great first project - if you have a pet that will also appreciate tiny quarters. In any case, you'll be glad to have had the practice. Please let us know if the links fail, as might happen over time.
We love this first one since materials cost can vary by hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your tiny house construction region (as can labor costs):



Start here if you're planning a tiny house that is not on wheels: Overall Construction Costs by Region 

Break it down:

Home Depot Calculators >


    Air Conditioning
    Estimate the cooling capacity you'll need to cool any room in your home

    Carpet Calculator
    Estimate the number of yards of carpet you'll need to cover any floor in your home

    Ceramic Tile Calculator
    Calculate the number of ceramic and border tiles needed to cover any surface

    Drywall Calculator
    Get fast answers on how much drywall you need for your next project

    Insulation Calculator
    Calculate how much insulation you need and the best R-Value for your home

    Paint Calculator
    Accurately estimate the amount of paint you need to cover your walls and trim

    Wallpaper Calculator
    Determine the number of rolls you'll need to cover any or all of the walls in your room

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